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H.S.Muralidhara May 13, 1999 00:39

CFD Code

We are looking for a commercially available CFD code, which should capable of performing follwing things.

1. It should compute, subsonic, transonic and supersoinc flows and it should capable of capture shocks sharply. ex. Convergent Divergent Nozzle flows

2. Supersonic combustion. ex. Reactive flow over cascade cavities, Fuel-air mixing and combustion in High speed flows.

3.Other features such as compressibility effects, multistep reaction, multi blocking, fine grid embedding, unstructured grid etc.

Can you please suggest Commercially available CFD code which can perform above listed tasks.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely

H.S. Muralidhara

Devendra Rajwadde May 13, 1999 10:19

Re: CFD Code

Please check the website I believe they meet the requirements you are looking for. We at ICEMCFD ( ) provide the pre and post processing environment along with mesh adaptation. For more info please visit the above websites for more info.

Cornel Mueller May 14, 1999 17:34

Re: CFD Code

You should check out CFD-FASTRAN at


Cornel Mueller

Simon Assender May 15, 1999 10:05

Re: CFD Code
CFX 4.2 should do all those things, check out


Simon Assender

Joe Hannon May 26, 1999 05:19

Re: CFD Code
To link multi-step finite rate reactions with CFD, see, where PFDReaction is described. This works with both Fluent and CFX and makes a first principles connection between kinetics and multi-scale mixing for up to 50 species and 50 reactions. You can also run a simple simulation on-line, using Net.Re@ction, powered by FLUENT and PFDReaction on an IBM SP2 supercomputer.

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