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surjamankhatiwora November 26, 2010 00:00

What is the correct date format?
Hello Everyone!

I'm using VB6 with MS Access in back end. And the problem is when I add the records, the date format that I get from date picker is not entered into the table as intended. See example below for more clearity:

Dim strDate as String
strDate = "#" & DTPicker1.Day & "/" & DTPicker1.Month & "/" & DTPicker1.Year & "#". Also I even tried just DTPicker1.Value that too didn't work.

And in back end in table date field I'm using Short Date format like 16/6/2007.So When I entered 3rd Feb,2010(03/02/2010). It's just coming opposite that is 2nd Mar,2010(02/03/2010) in the table.

Therefore, Can any expert could help me & I would be grateful to you please...

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