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Hana November 26, 2010 10:51

Solid 3D Geometry software
Dear Members,

I would like to ask which is the best software doing 3D solid geometry shapes that include orbit rotating enhanced options.

I tried Auto cad on cube shape but while I do rotate the dimensions got changed than it how suppose to be (I compared hand made model of cube and did eye sight mapping on the draw on my monitor and there was a big different in dimensions when I do rotate.)

so I would like to know if there a professional program in the Autodesk family software for the solid geometry rather than Autocad , or there is option on Autocad to lock the dimensions of the shape so it wont get changed while rotating the shape.

Thanks in advance.

Doug-123 November 29, 2010 20:25

You might want to look at Autodesk Inventor as their solid modelling program.
Personally I think SolidWorks or SolidEdge would be better programs though.

siri November 30, 2010 08:24


what is " orbit rotate enhanced option" meaning. n what it does ? is it some new 3D feature ? would love to hear if it is ..

seriously i never came across this name in NX/Solidworks. Is there an equivalent other name for it otherwise ?

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