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atmcfd November 28, 2010 03:22

Is there any software for hypersonic flow simulation?
Hi all-

I want to know if there are any reliable CFD packages which simulate hypersonic flow and reacting flow in this regime?

afaik, there is the GASP package ( by AeroSoft) for hypersonic flow sims.. but this module , along with the chemically reacting flow module is restricted and available only to US citizens ( there is a separate export version without it).

I`ve heard that StarCCm+ v4.4 also has this capability.. but I dont know how effective or accurate it is.

so, is there a dedicated hypersonic reacting flow solver.. open source or otherwise ? I heard that security issues as to its use prompt it to be developed as in-house codes in many govt. labs worldwide, and prevent it from being released outside.

Any thoughts will be appreciated ..... will be useful to everyone working in this area.

tonka November 28, 2010 16:19

Yes there are many codes developed in house. Can you describe what you want to model so I can see if my code can give it a poke?

atmcfd November 28, 2010 23:20

Thank you Tonka..
Actually I`m starting my graduate studies in CFD and hypersonics a few months from now... so I wanted to know about the prospects of learning to use a commercial/open source package which would be best suited for this.

whats your code called as... can i know more about it? especially I want to know about codes which can accurately model the chemical kinetics and flow in the boundary layer zone?
As i mentioned before, the GasP has a restricted use for the thermochemistry modules in the bow shock region...
are there codes having similar capability (without the export restrictions )..
Thanks for your time..

tonka November 29, 2010 00:28

Your best option is MUSCL type approach which is capable of handling strong shocks.

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