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vasanth October 25, 2004 19:29

Turbulence beginner

I am a beginner in turbulence.I have been going through some basic stuff on turbulence and did not understand a couple of things.

1)The asymptotic assumption says that as Reynolds number tends to infinity the shear flow becomes independent of most of its environment,except for boundary conditions imposed by the overall flow. What is the meaning or significance of flow getting independent of its enverionment?

2)The small scale eddies have very short time scales,which tend to make them statistically independent of the mean flow.I did not understand this statement at all.What is statistically independent?

Thanks in advance Vasanth

R October 26, 2004 05:01

Re: Turbulence beginner
1. Viscosity tends to zero.

2. Mean flow do not have an effect on these eddies.

vasanth October 29, 2004 11:19

Re: Turbulence beginner
Hi, Viscosity is a property of a fluid.How can viscosity tend to zero.I mean how can it change. Thanks

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