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cecep December 2, 2010 01:48

wear rate simulation of a blade shotblasting

I am someone who being unfamiliar with the CFD software, so I would like to ask you who has the capability in using this software.

My question is : “ Can abbrasive or wear rate of a blade in shot blasting machine be simulated by using this CFD software ?”

As an information, this machine is used in foundry industry to remove the sand from the casting surface by using very high velocity steels shot which are thrown by the rotating blades onto the castings. The steels shot and the blades are in contact during the process causing wear on the surface of the blades.

Other question is : “ can steels shot be classified as fluid ?“

That are all my questions, I hope that somebody in this forum could answer to those questions and help me in solving the problems.


CCTech_Pune December 2, 2010 03:28

Erosion estimation can be simulated using commercial CFD softwares. Steel shots can be considered as solid particles with specified properties and using Lagrangian multiphase approach, erosion can be estimated.

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