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linux freshman November 1, 2004 00:12

problem about installing FOAM
dear all

i'm a beginer for Linux. in order to use FOAM, i install linux. i do not known how to set the variance in .bash. anybody tell me a detailed installation. or show me the bash file. thanks.

Hrvoje Jasak November 1, 2004 02:46

Re: problem about installing FOAM

The variables should have been already set up for you - all you need to do is:

cp -r foam2.3.2/.foam2.3.2 $HOME

and add the following line

. $HOME/.foam2.3.2/bashrc

into the ~/.bashrc file. Incidentally, the variable syntax you need for bash is something like this:


You should have received the installation guide with your download, try looking there for more help.


linux freshman November 2, 2004 02:39

Re: problem about installing FOAM
1. $HOME is where? 2. (. $HOME/.foam2.3.2/bashrc) the dot before $ is added there? 3. ~/.bashrc is where?

Hrvoje Jasak November 2, 2004 09:56

Re: problem about installing FOAM
Looks to me like you need Unix 101:

- $HOME is your home directory. You will get there if you type "cd"

- ~ is another name for your home directory. "cd ~" has got the same effect as cd

- (. $HOME/.foam2.3.2/bashrc): Yes, there is a dot before $HOME

I strongly recomment a basic book on unix or a little search for unix intro on the web.


matej November 2, 2004 09:58

Re: problem about installing FOAM
$HOME is variable usually set by the system to represent home directory of the user. Typically it will be /home/<your_user_name> on a command line of the console type echo $HOME and you will see, where is your home.

your .bashrc file is located in your home directory.

. in bashrc file or in bash generally will do the same as command source would do.

Sorry to say so, but if you're going to work with FOAM on any unix/linux system,you'd better go to the library or google for some unix basics kick offs or some kind of tutorial to get familiar with the basics......


linux freshman November 4, 2004 03:08

Re: problem about installing FOAM
dear all

i install foam as follows.

OS: REDHAT10 CPU:AMD32bit 3000+

fist,generate a new directory foam in /root and copy certain files to it: /root/foam(including two files and one sub-directory)

(file) foam2.3.General.gtgz

(file) foam2.3.linuxGcc340ptLAM.gtgz



in sub-dir linuxGcc340ptLAM, five tar files were included, such as dx-4.3.2.gz, gcc-3.4.2.gz,gdb-6.1.1.gz,etc. then i tar this tar_files in the directory that including them. after this, a new directory foam2.3 was generated.

second,setting up a user

2.1: now,type cp -r foam2.3/.foam2.3 $HOME

2.2: vi $HOME/.foam2.3/bashrc, the first 4 lines as followed,

line1; export WM_PROJECT=foam

line2; export WM_PROJECT_VERSION=2.3

line3; export WM_PROJECT_LANGUAGE=c++

line4; export WM_PROJECT_INST_DIR=$HOME/$WM_PROJECT is it right?

2.3: after add . $HOME/.foam2.3/bashrc to the end, source $HOME/.foam2.3/bashrc. then . $HOME/.bashrc

after doing this i just find a getHostInfo file in /root/foam/foam2.3/applications/bin/linuxGcc340ptLAM directory. but after i type getHostInfo, os tell me that: error while loading shared libraries : : can not open shared object file: no such file or directory

the file ( is located in the directory /root/foam/linuxGcc340ptLAM/gcc-3.4.2/lib.

I do not what wrong happened, please help me. i'm reading a linux basic book. thanks for your help. best regards.

Hrvoje Jasak November 4, 2004 11:59

Re: problem about installing FOAM
May I suggest you have a look at the archive/aks the question on the FOAM user forum:


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