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Carolina Parrinelli May 17, 1999 13:14

Cavitation Simulation
Does anyone know of a software tool that can simulate & analyze cavitation?

Philip Stephenson May 17, 1999 14:00

Re: Cavitation Simulation
Dear Ms. Parrinelli,

At AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies, we have recently developed a CFD methodology for the simulation of cavitation. The approach we have followed is a two-fluid model, in which continuity and momentum equations are solved for each phase, and in which the interaction between phases are modeled by additional source terms. This methodology has been implemented in our commercially available CFD solver, FIRE, and has been validated through comparison with experiments in venturi geometries and fuel injectors. If you are interested in further information, including journal articles on this subject, please feel free to contact me at:

Best regards,

Philip Stephenson Director, Product Management Computational Fluid Dynamics AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies Ph (USA): +1 734 414 9693 Ph (Austria) +43 316 787 441

Raza Mirza May 17, 1999 18:06

Re: Cavitation Simulation
CFD Research Corporation ( has been working on cavitation modeling for past several years. As a result a very robust cavitation model is implemented in our flagship software CFD-ACE+. The model has been fully validated and applied to practical problems such as cavitation in lubepumps.

Please contact me <a href =""></a> to learn more about the cavitation modeling with CFD-ACE+.

Tom May 18, 1999 14:20

Re: Cavitation Simulation
There is also a cavitation modell in fluent5 but I have not used it yet. Does anyone know something about it ? Does it provide good results ? Does anyone know an article, that compares the different modells in the different software-packages ?

Sorry Carolina, no help but another question.


Carolina Parrinelli May 18, 1999 14:30

Re: Cavitation Simulation
Thanks Tom - excellent question... Any info would be great!

Tom May 18, 1999 15:21

Re: Cavitation Simulation

Sung-Eun Kim May 18, 1999 17:58

Re: Cavitation Simulation
FLUENT 5 has a cavitation model based on a two-phase model. In this so-called "mixture" model, volume fraction equations are solved in comjunction with mixture momentum equations. The inception and extent of cavitation is determined by the volume fraction of the vapor and is directly linked to the local pressure through bubble dynamics equations. Being robust and nicely economical, our cavitation model has been validated for wide range of cavitating flows including partial cavitation behind bluff bodies. The mixture model FLUENT 5 offers also allows you to customize your model. This is all available in our unstructured mesh based solver with solution-adaptive local mesh refinement capability, which will greatly help resolve the cavitation. The cavitation model will be further refined in the coming releases in order to incorporate the state-of-the-art in cavitation modeling in the framwork of our general multiphase framework. Please contact me if you find more about our cavitation model.

mausam24 September 25, 2012 00:03

i am trying to do a cavitation for Francis Turbine using ANSYS 13.0 Can i have idea of how perform it

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