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vlaa08 December 14, 2010 21:21

FEA MATLAB help!!!
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Hello Everyone!!

I need an urgent favor. I am new to MATLAB, I am in the learning stage. I am given with a coursework relating to developing a MATLAB code for 2D heat conduction of 3-noded triangular element with Finite element method. I have been given with a model 1D code and corresponding input format[.dat] file to feed input from. The trouble is i am asked to develop the code for a set of input[which i have attached with this post named Required.txt] which is to be fed in for the program to work with the given input. I can understand the 1D code, but i am not able to stick to the format of input he is expecting.. So if any of you can help me in editing the given 1D code in to corresponding 2D code, it would be a great help.. I m closing on my deadline and this counts my percentage.. So if any of you can sort this for me, it would be of great contribution, i can study n understand this later cuz i still have more than 40 days for my exam.. Please help. greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance..

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