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Boogiwoogie December 19, 2010 07:32

easy educational compressible navier stokes implementation anywhere?
Just registered in, so hi to all you CFD geeks^^

I am not really the math type of guy, a reasonably good programmer tho.
Flow simulation has interested me for a long time, had a lot of fun modeling fluids in Blender 3D, and checked out Jos Stam's CFD code for games more than once.
Now what I am looking for is an easy to grasp implementation of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations, possibly in a language that is also easy to get along with (C#, Basic?). It is not supposed to be efficient, not 3D, not free in supported geometries (64x64 "tiles" would be alright).
It is really annoying that google gives me so many results for "navier stokes" and similar searches, but source codes are hard to find. And if they are found, they have some special features built in, or they lack the compressible term of Navier-Stokes, or - and that is so sad - are big and bloated all-in-one-packages with modular design, making it a headache to actually understand what is going on in the code.
Will there ever be a someone who can provide a simple "reference implementation" that pretty much shows the equations described in Wikipedia in a clear way?
He/she would definitely be my hero!
As said in the beginning, I am not that big of a math guy, and my experience is that I learn the fastest if I can climb through some code while going through the "dry" math explanations. Anyone knows where to find such code?

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