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Chris Johnson May 17, 1999 15:58

Shareware CFD for DOS
Does anyone know of a shareware / freeware / demo CFD program for DOS / Windows 3.1 / Windows 95 (not Windows NT). I would like to experiment with turbulance in stepped pipes, as well as simple aerodynamics.


T.J. Wanat May 17, 1999 22:38

Re: Shareware CFD for DOS
CHAM offers a shareware version of Phoenics and a company called Softflo has a demo version of their program Flo++.

Chen Xiaoming May 25, 1999 08:27

Re: Shareware CFD for DOS
I'm learning Partarkar's book - "Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow". For this reason, I think CHAM's Phonenics shareware version 1.3 with source code might be very helpful to me. However, it's not available in CHAM now. Who can tell me how to obtain it in places other than CHAM? Thanks for any generous help!

T.J. Wanat May 25, 1999 21:08

Re: Shareware CFD for DOS
I didn't know that CHAM had ever provided the source code as shareware. ASME has the shareware available, but not with the source code.

chenxiaoming May 30, 1999 06:44

Re: Shareware CFD for DOS
Thank you for your help. I've downloaded the phoenixs1.4 from ASME. But I don't know how to install it. It seems the installation requires more than one disk. Could you tell me how to do? My computer system is a 80486 under DOS.

T.J.Wanat May 31, 1999 22:31

Re: Shareware CFD for DOS
I just took another look at the ASME archive. It is necessary to download three separate files from the archive. The installation has been broken up to allow copying it onto disks.

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