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Irshad22 December 20, 2010 07:14

Accuracy of Mesh
Hi Everybody,

Please clarify my questions.

Which mesh gives the proper accuracy either Hexa or Tetra? Under the same mesh size and no of elements?

In transient case, at which point we can take the converged Cd or Cl values we can consider?

harbinyg December 24, 2010 22:05

this is a bad question
Let us talk about FVM with NS equations

there are different terms in NS equations, like convection and diffusion, and velocity-pressure coupling

the grid type will affect the accuracy , this is sure

but the key points are different,

there are non-uniform , skewness, non-orthogonality type of error sources

so , you should not ask a question like this and expect to get a good answer

Jasak's phd thesis did some great jobs about this points

and if you want to reserach some paper , you can try , errror estimation
as the key word

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