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sar_mech December 21, 2010 12:29

Steam flow modelling-any suggestions please
Dear All,

I am trying to model a steam distribution system used in a process equipment.
In simple terms about the geometry-It is a long pipe with one inlet and more than one outlet (outlets are nozzles) and steam is fed into this pipe at different pressure and velocity.

I am struggling to choose appropriate model from Fluent CFD. If anybody has any experience in this area, it will be really greatful if you can provide some suggestions.

Thank you.


The model that i tried was Wet steam model with Invisicid and K-E std, 2eqn approach and not really convinvinced with the output that it gives,also the solution is not converging at all and the mass flow rate at outlet is veryhigh compared to the mass flow rate at inlet>.....

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