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QuangDang December 23, 2010 22:29

Do not understand SimpleFOAM algorithm in OpenFOAM
(1)Guess the pressure field p*
Solve the momentum equations to obtain u*,v*,w*
Solve the p' equation (continuity)
Correct pressure field p =p*+p'
Calculate the velocity corrections
u', v', w'
Correct velocity field
u =u*+u',
v =v*+v'
w =w*+w'
Treat the corrected pressure pas a new guess p* and go to

I do not know how we can find
p' from continuity?

arjun December 23, 2010 22:51

Mr. Peric is your friend. He wrote full book explaining exactly what you asked.

QuangDang December 25, 2010 03:39

I cannot find his book.Can you give me ebook or a link?

hadian December 25, 2010 03:51

read the book by Versteeg and Malalasekera.

harishg December 27, 2010 17:06

The code follows the dissertation of Jasak. Check his dissertation and walk through the code with his equations and explanations.

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