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sw1990 December 24, 2010 19:13

Internal CFD on a surface model (SW2010)
Im attempting to do an internal CFD simulation on a surface modeled exhaust manifold. I have drawn the complete manifold however i am unsure on how to run an internal CFD simualtion on a surface model. If anyone could let me now how its done i will be most gratefull. Im happy to email the surface model if it helps. I will attach an image also

The software that im using is soldiworks 2010 flow simulation. Im fully capable of running CFD on a solid model however applying the same method to a surface model is proving unsucessful. If anyone could advise me on how to complete CFD on a surface model i would be most gratefull.

sail December 25, 2010 09:40

Close your surface, make it a volume and perform your analysis on it.

sw1990 December 26, 2010 18:09

thanks for the advice sail, however i need advice in terms of step by step solidworks comands as im unsure of the procedure for Internal CFD on surface models.

As i am so desperate to find out the method, im willing to screen share on skype with someone who can instruct me on completing the CFD. Im willing to paypal a reward to anyone that can help me sucessfuly preferably over skype screen share.

sw1990 December 28, 2010 12:12

any further assistance? im realy desperate to find a solution and welcome any further instructions from people with knowledge of solidworks CFD software. Thank you

Dinocrack December 28, 2010 17:32

soldiworks 2010 flow you have an adviser who may help you

juggz January 4, 2011 07:59

Signed up just to help you as i have an interest in making exhausts on these packages :P

Mate im not sure about surfaces but all the hollow solids i have done as i have also done exhausts, you need to make caps.

SW advisor has a walkthrough in the help for internal flow.

Essentially u need to make up a disc that is the same diameter as the ID of your exhaust, you then mate this in the end of the pipe so that the disc is flush with the outside.

Now i cant rememeber if your flow will originate from the outter circle of the disc not the inside face or not so just play around with that.

If you use the floworks advisor or tutorial thing it will actually run you through this process, it will have a 'create lid' or something..

good luck

sw1990 January 4, 2011 11:17

cheers for the advice. The method that you have mentioned is what i have curently been using whilst modeling an inlet manifold. This method has proved successfull.

However today i have spoken with a tutor who has a lot of CFD expeirence and he explained to me that you canot do an internal CFD on a surface model using solidworks as it hass zero thickness that the mesh cannot compute.

Therefore the tutor who actualy set me this assignment has set a task that is impossible! therefore i shall be meeting with him tomorow to get his verdict

juggz January 4, 2011 20:36

Hehe thought there may be problems with doing it as a solid, i normally use a 3d sketch and a sweep i think

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