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quarkz December 28, 2010 15:40

Boundary condition for C-grid airfoil with gridgen

I have generated a c-grid for an airfoil using gridgen. However, there is an imaginary horizontal line connecting the top and bottom grids. What boundary condition do I use for that line? Or how can I eliminate the line?


rmatus December 28, 2010 16:00

Should not have to set a BC there
By default, Gridgen will set that line to a Type-1 BC. A Type-1 BC is a point-to-point matched interface. When you export the grid to your CFD code Type-1 BCs just show up as interior grid, i.e. it is treated as any other interior cell and not as a boundary.

You can check this in the ASW, Set BCs menu. If it was not set to Type-1 automatically, it may mean you have duplicate connectors there. If it is set to Type-1, it should be ready to export to your CFD code.

quarkz December 29, 2010 08:38

Hi thanks rmatus, never expect it to be so simple. ;-)

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