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flyerlogesh December 28, 2010 16:05

Thank you
Thank you Friends

bhatiadinesh December 29, 2010 00:40

Hi Logesh,
Although I am not an expert on this, but from what I have seen, you need to chose the blade profile first, by whih I mean, C4, or NACA or any such types, also you have to decide on the type of camber to be given viz. circular arc or such other types. These are the most important aspects of blade design which affect your blade performance.
Once you have decided these formulae for atleast the standard Circular Arc C4's are definitely available onlie, which you canuse to generate you blade profile using by either a small code ( which you may write or maybe available online ) or jut using Excel


apoorv December 29, 2010 02:19

Blade Design
Hi Logesh

Can you tell me the institute you are associated with. There is a book by Aungier regarding Axial Compressor Design and Analysis, that has basic blade design method. There is a NASA report by Crouse for Double Circular arc compressor design on inclined/conical surfaces. Both of them could be of help to you.

I have a basic blade design tool for C4 circular arc profiles based on inlet & outlet angle and location for maximum thickness. But I think you where looking for parabolic meanline tool, which you can make with help of Aungier's book.



flyerlogesh January 2, 2011 05:00

Thank you very much friends. I will refer as the books which you have suggested.

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