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achauhan December 30, 2010 21:38

Ansys cfx ccl help
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Hi, i am trying to define mesh motion for my geometry and have been running into errors with the ccl file. I am new to this and may have been making syntax errors...

Timesteps = .001 [s]
Wall W = .1 [m są-1]
dplate = Wall W*tStep
dplate1 = ave(Total Mesh Displacement z)@ plate
dplaten = dplate1+dplate
Total Time = .02 [s]

BOUNDARY : plate
Boundary Type =WALL
Location = plat

Displacement X Component = 0[m]
Displacement Y Component = 0 [m]
Displacement Z Component = dplaten
Option = Specified Displacement

CFX pre refuses to import this ccl giving me an error saying "could not extract ccl". I am also attaching a snap of my geometry. I would really appreciate help on this one!

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