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AB November 21, 2004 19:49

shock tube validation

I have done a shock tube analysis in Star-CD and I need to validate it. Can some one tell me how to validate my results with analytical results or from the shock tables.

What all variables do I need to check for validation and what pressures should I look for.

I have some idea and I need some other tips from u to extend it.

Regarding validating shock tube, I would just go to the normal shock tables in which property ratios are tabulated as a function of Mach number.

Find total pressure ratio on the table and see what M1, M2, T2/T1, etc. that corresponds to.

For example, for Pt2/Pt1=0.4990, M1=2.50, M2=0.5130, T2/T1=2.137, Ps2/Ps1=7.125, and D2/D1=V1/V2=3.333 (D=density). V1 = M1*sqrt(gam*Rgas*T1) V2 = V1 / (V1/V2) shock speed = V1 - V2

But I have given a pressure and temp to one side of a tube and different pressure and temp to other side . what scalar data should I look for in my results ??

Can someone help me!!!



Banaeizadeh November 23, 2004 08:24

Re: shock tube validation
Look, I think it is better that you refer to Gas Dynamics Book by James John, in the shock tube section there is a simple shock tube problem, you can use its initial data and then try to get the results which are availible in it. Banaeizadeh

Praveen November 24, 2004 07:04

Re: shock tube validation
The solution obviously depends on the initial condition. You can get some IC from Toro, Riemann Problems and Numerical Methods for fluid dynamics. This book also gives fortran code for exact solution of shock tube problem which can be used for comparison.

Krishna Reddy December 10, 2004 08:31

Re: shock tube validation
u can get exact analytical results for shock tube problem in 1.Modern Compressible flow- Anderson 2.Numerical Computation of External and Internal Flow -

volume 2- C.Hirsch

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