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moein_joon27 January 12, 2011 20:10

Implicit Euler equations
explicit euler equations usually have long convergence times. Is it possible to have an implicit time stepping instead to make the time step better? I am not meaning runge kutta methods. My own numerical method is finite volume with Roe' scheme.

d_dante January 13, 2011 15:43

I suggest to use a BDF method in where the solution of the implicit non-linear system is obtained by means of a modified Newton-Raphson scheme, with a dual time step integration technique (*)

(*) A. Jameson, Time dependent calculations using multigrid with applications to unsteady flows past airfoils and wings, in: 10th AIAA
Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, Honolulu, HI, pp. 113. AIAA Paper 91-1596.

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