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Iqbal January 12, 2011 23:20

Water mist modelling capabilities of any software.
Hi Friends,

I need some help about water mist capabilities of any software.

I would like to inform you that I am interested to work on "Water mist fire suppression system" and now, i am going through the literature review on the capabilities of different CFD software on water mist, including FDS, CFX and FLUENT.

Now, would anyone please let me know about some details on the capabilities of any software on "water mist fire suppression system"? i.e. is there any software by which water mist suppression modelling can be done?


julien.decharentenay January 16, 2011 19:02

Hi Iqbal,

You seems to be looking for a ready-to-use solution for your problem. IMO water mist fire suppression is very specific problem, for which you may have difficulties find an easy and ready-to-use solution.

Using a general purpose software, you could set something close using:
- an appropriate non-adiabatic combustion model (ppdf for example);
- a representation of the water mist using either eulerian (my preference) or lagrangian.

The above models would be available in CFX and Fluent. But it is likely you will have to set quite a few parameters.

Good luck.

Iqbal January 16, 2011 19:39

Hi Julien,

I am pretty happy to your reply. Yes, you are right.

I have few more questions on the current available software.

1. Does any software (like, FDS5, Fluent, CFX) have any water droplet evaporation modelling capability?
2. If yes, then which software is more appropriate for water droplet evaporation modelling, i.e. water mist modelling?

Again thanks for your helpful information.


julien.decharentenay January 16, 2011 23:15

1. Water droplet evaporation modelling capabilities:

I am pretty sure that Fluent and CFX would have the capabilities (but I don't have access to the codes). It would be known as evaporation or mass transfer.

Not sure about FDS.

2. Which software is more appropriate:

I am sorry but I lack practical experience with the above softwares to answer. You may want to get in touch with your local vendor and ask for demo/test cases demonstrating their capabilities.

Good luck.

Iqbal January 17, 2011 02:15

Hi Julien,

Thanks a lot for your useful information, again. I think, those information will help me very much.

If i need anymore help, I would like to contact to you again.


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