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prashi January 13, 2011 01:42

Internal parts invisible in Fluent
Hi Everyone,

I am new to Ansys. I am using Ansys12.1 workbench and have customised Fluent Fluid Flow (Fluent ) toolbox which has 5 components namely Geometry, Mesh, Setup (for Fluent), solution and results.

I have developed a geometry which has a cylinder inside a large cylinder. I used objects as frozen, hence it shows both the cylinders. I made both the frozen cylinders as one part.

I meshed it using default meshing methods which again shows meshing of both the cylinders...

But when I open them in Ansys setup ( the 3rd component), the internal component of the cylindric mesh seen in Mesh component is missing.

if I split up the combined parts as 2 parts, then I see them in Setup component..But the fluid doesnt flow on to the 2nd part when I run the simulation.

Any comments pls, will be most appreciable



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