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Andrew November 26, 2004 13:14

Dynamic Smagorinsky Model
Hi all,

I'm currently implementing the dynamic Smagorinsky model on a MAC style grid, for use in simulating spatially developing mixing layers.

So far, I've been testing it without much success. The literature says that in laminar regions, Lij should vanish to zero. This would appear to be the case, as my results from the code do this. However, Mij also appears to vanish in these regions, leaving me with large values for C in certain areas, even after averaging in the homogeneous direction. Is ther some kind of cut-off such that Lij values below a certain point can be nominally set to zero?

For the test filter I have averaged my grid-filtered variables and my test-filter width is twice that of the grid-filter. I'm not realy sure what I'm doing wrong, so any advice is most appreciated.

agg November 30, 2004 01:52

Re: Dynamic Smagorinsky Model
Wherever Mij vanishes, set C to zero.

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