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Joey Seto May 20, 1999 13:38

CFD Package Suggestion
Any suggestions for the following job?

I'm looking for a simple CFD package to analyze the flow around an airfoil fitted with a Gurney Flap.

PC or UNIX based suggestions are welcomed.


Raza Mirza May 20, 1999 14:32

Re: CFD Package Suggestion
CFD-FASTRAN from CFD Research Corporation ( has an excellent capabillity of handling mulitple moving bodies. So if you are looking at effects of flap motion on the fluid flow, CFD-FASTRAN should be an excellent choice for you.

CFD-FASTRAN multiple-moving-bodies capability is based on a full 6 DOF model. The user can also specify motion of the component (such as a flap).

Please visit our website ( to learn more about CFD-FASTRAN. You can also email me directly at[/email] if you have any questions.

Sung-Eun Kim May 21, 1999 14:31

Re: CFD Package Suggestion

It sounds like you need a time-tested unstructured mesh based solver with a rich library of solver options and turbulence models. I would recommend FLUENT 5.

FLUENT 5 has three different solver choices you can use depending on your application. All these solvers can deal with arbitray speed regime ranging from low subsonic to transonic to supoersonic. If the flow is dominantly high Mach number one, FLUENT users in aerospace industry normally use our coupled solver, which is better known as RAMPANT. If the flow is incomrepssible to moderately compressible, you can choose our segregated solver.

FLUENT 5 also provide a extensive suite of turbulence models including Spalart-Allmaras's one-equation model, a number of modern k-epsilon models, Reynolds Stress Transport model, and subgrid-scale viscosity model for LES. I believe you'll need some of these more advanced turbulence models especially when you model near- or post-stall phenomena at high-incidence angle.

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