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butch85 January 26, 2011 10:49

reference calcultion, flow around a cylinder

i'm about to simulate the flow of water around a cylinder.
i do this for the first time and it is part of my final work to become
bachelor degree.

what i'm looking for is some reference calculation or measuring report about any kind of flow around a cylinder. my idea was to simulate a flow around a cylinder based on a proved solution and see if i'm able to simulate it. if my simulation is near reality it's god, if not i have to change something :)

i searched the internet but i was not able to find anything useful. maybe one of you got an idea or had the same problem

thank you very much :)

Rami January 30, 2011 05:54

Have a look at works by Zukauskas, specifically the two books
  • Tube Banks in Crossflow
  • Advances in Heat Transfer 18, 1987 (in the chapter by Zukauskas)
The later is more concise version of the first. In both, the case of flow around a single cylinder is discussed prior to treatment of rows of cylinders and tube banks.

lava12005 January 30, 2011 08:06


I'm also doing flow around a cylinder currently, mine is about VIV with immersed boundary method.. You can find a number of paper out there which present the result of a flow around a fixed cylinder.

For example if u want experimental result, there is this "Experiments on the Flow past a circular Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number" by D.J.Tritton. This paper only give u result for low reynold number, <= 100 If I'm not wrong..

Good luck!

butch85 January 31, 2011 17:10

thank you very much for the answers :)

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