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rk2011 January 26, 2011 12:53

highly skewed elemnts in Gambit

I am simulating a flow and turbulence problem. The model is a very huge vertical pipe that has two structures which are obstructing flow in the pipe. As they are a bit complicated geometries so I meshed them first. Both have different volume, face and edge meshes.

Now when I try to mesh the transition volume b/w those two (volume connecting those two strucutres) which is basically a pipe, I am getting the highly skewed elemnts. I am used tetmesh though it is a pipe because face and edge meshes on the faces of this volume are very different and can't be coopered. It says "Volume has 24 highly skewed elemnts Equisize skew > 0.97" when I use tetmesh.

I tried splitting this transition into smaller volumes and meshing, which didn't work. I also tried reducing the mesh size, which didn't work either.

What effect does these highly skewed elements have on the results? How can I get rid of them?

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

gory January 26, 2011 19:24

1. Viscous discretization may lose accuracy and lead to slow convergence (or diverge).
2. Accurate solution may look oscillatory when plotted.


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