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Chris December 11, 2004 15:54

Student looking for CFD software
Hello all,

I am a student at the undergraduate level, and it's come the time to start thinking about the senior research project I must complete next year. My strongest interest has always been in astrophysics, and just after this past summer, fluid dynamics and hydrodynamics pertaining to astrophysical systems has really hooked me.

I have been scrounging the net and my university's library for information about CFD: what kind of software to use and different techniques. I have tried contacting the engineering dept here asking for advice on CFD software that would be redily available to a student. However, I have given up on the hopes of getting a response (maybe on account of the politics between the physics and engineering depts).

Anyway, so I come here in hopes that I may get some useful information. I notice that most CFD codes need a unix OS although Ive seen maybe 2 that can run with Windows. I currently run Windows XP pro but have been reading up on linux. I dont think I really want to change the OS of my computer, and I dont have the money to go purchase another one. I did, however, acquire Knoppix which you all know is a bootable CD. I dont know if it will be useful for a CFD code because its not possible to access the harddrive when running knoppix (the CFD code I decide to use will most likely reside on my hard drive or on a CD).

..bringing me to my next question: Are there any quality freeware/shareware CFD programs available to students like myself? I see that most of the codes are available for purchase or only available to organizations or research groups.

Thanks for any advice!

Jonas Larsson December 11, 2004 17:44

Re: Student looking for CFD software
FOAM, which is a very capable CFD software, was recently released as open source. You can find more info here:

Junseok Kim December 11, 2004 21:32

Re: Student looking for CFD software
You may want to use Cygwin for running unix in Window system.

CFDRC User December 12, 2004 16:16

Re: Student looking for CFD software
If you are interested in simulation of astrophysical flows, visit

David December 21, 2004 11:27

Re: Student looking for CFD software

You could try Fipy.

good luck Dave

Joe January 20, 2005 22:01

Re: Student looking for CFD software
you could download STAR-CCM+ from CD-adapco's website,

Zakhar January 21, 2005 04:20

Re: Student looking for CFD software
free or not?

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