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Lord Kelvin January 31, 2011 06:36

Extrusion Simulation
Hi, I am new, I found this forum and hope to be useful to the community, too.

I'm running a simulation of a flow through the hole of a die.

I used SolidWorks 2007 for solid modeling (sketch + extrusion and it created a solid volume)

I opened POLYFLOW ---> started a new project, launched gambit and imported from SolidWorks as STEP file, POLYFLOW selected as the solver, then I made the mesh (standard selections in the menu) and tried to export as mesh.. It exported a NEUTRAL file ----> now on PolyMan I tried to convert as stated HERE and not go! Always tells me to select a neutral file, but how can I do it?

Once I import and convert. POLYFLOW .neu in polyflow mesh then I could open the tree of the simulation and follow some tutorials :)

I can not go forward at that point. What's wrong? first on solidworks? later on gambits? On or PolyMan?



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