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ACER January 31, 2011 19:20

Wing meshing help......
Hi everyone

Basically i got this project from uni on ground effect aerodynamics, i have already done my wind tunnel tests and now i need to use CFD to backup my results. I am really new to CFD and i have been going through some tutorials for ICEM cfd but i have some doubts and thought maybe id get some help from this forum

my questions:

Meshing an airfoil in 3d and generating wing tip vortices, should i go for Tetrahedron or hexahedron meshing, and why???

What turbulent model is best for me to use to capture any change in wing tip vortices as the wing approaches the ground.

Is there anything else i need to consider to obtain accurate results...

What mesher software would be easier and better Gambit or Icem Cfd

thank you

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