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alongalong2 February 6, 2011 04:26

RIPPLE's free surface boundary condition
In SOLA-VOF's code,the pressure in surface cell is interpolated by neighbouring fluid cell with a variable 'PETA'. In RIPPLE, a improved method 'CSF' replaces the free surface pressure condition, and i cannot find 'PETA' again.
My question is:does RIPPLE still use interpolation to obtain pressure in surface cells? if not, how can i get it?


ves February 7, 2011 16:13

boundary condition
DeJong-afstudeerferslag.pdf and other articles and dissertation.
if you have RIPPLE source code please send it to me.
My e-mail:
I am try understand pressure boundary condition.
I have SOLA-VOF, VOF-2D, VOF -3D source code.

alongalong2 February 8, 2011 08:28

Hi ves

Thank you for your reply. but i have no RIPPLE's code either, and your adress is invalid.


ves February 9, 2011 14:11
This link is work. This page have links for aricles and PhD,
see Gerris PhD , Kleffsman PhD, and DeJong article.
It is explained pressure Poisson boundary condition for projection method solving Navier-Stokes equation (this metod used in RIPPLE). RIPPLE User Manual have not information about pressure boundary condition, but in above works used coefficient peta same as SOLA-VOF.
By means of this coefficient PETA coefficients of the Poisson equation are calculated.
I developed the software based on above works, SOLA-VOF, Veldman sample program (not free surface), but pressure calculation wrong. Why? I do not know.
Veldman page consist samle and lecture.

alongalong2 February 10, 2011 00:35

Thank you for your help.
This is my first time contact with Veldman sample program, what's the problom with your pressure calculation? can you tell me the detail?


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