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pankos February 8, 2011 06:33

Inviscid Transonic flow of Naca 0012
Has somebody experimental values or with other technique (computational) for Cp of Naca 0012 (at any angle of attack) in inviscid transonic regime? I want to compare my results with this!

Martin Hegedus February 9, 2011 12:40

This is just one recommendation of many that are out there. I would recommend "In Pursuit of Grid Convergence, Part I: Two-Dimensional Euler Solutions." by John Vassberg and Antony Jameson. You can get the grids and paper from Results are given for Mach 0.5 and 0.8 at alpha of 0.0 and 1.25 for a NACA 0012 over many structured grids. IMO, it is a good way to test a code. I've also posted my comparisons at

pankos February 10, 2011 04:03

Thanks. These two cases of NACA for 0.0 and 1.25 angle is ok. But can i found all values of cp in a text file in format (x-cp)?

Martin Hegedus February 12, 2011 15:54

I've uploaded the Aero Troll CFD Euler results for Mach 0.5, alpha 0.0 and 1.25, and Mach 0.8, alpha 0.0 and 1.25. The results are for the finest mesh with momentum slip on wall and characteristic at far field for BCs. Please use the results with caution since I did not do a robust job of verifying that I stripped them out correctly nor that I calculated the pressures and cps correctly. Also, if you use the results publicly (i.e. in a publication, a web page, etc) please give credit by referencing the results to Aero Troll CFD and Hegedus Aerodynamics.

pankos February 13, 2011 05:59

Thanks!!!:) This is that i need!

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