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Saman February 10, 2011 21:35

simulation of liquid thin film
I am using vof method to analyzing of liquid thin film, When i am using two phase flow, unsteady, and implicit body force. When simulation running its showing reverse flow in diffferent phases. I am confused i am correct way or not. any body can help me pls. My 2d model geometry is 40mm inclined plate, geometry made in Gambit, where two phase liquid and Gas which are flowing parallel flow, Boundary condition are liquid inlet( velocity inlet) gas inlet (pressure inlet), mass flow(Pressure Outlet) I have considered low Reynolds number, Surface Tension, Gravitational force. Is there any which I have to consider, and any necessary information please give details. I dont want to heat transfer effect.
thank you very much

nimasam February 11, 2011 03:26

ur information is so few at least you should talk about geometry, boundary condition and so on ....

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