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G.P. Xia May 22, 1999 00:06

Where to find 3-D Wing Geometry?

Can anybody tell me how I can find the geometry data for 3-D Wings, such as ONERA W6? In addition, is the trimmed data(such as IGES format) avaiable in some website?

Thank you in advance!

Guoping Xia

Zhong Lei May 24, 1999 20:50

Re: Where to find 3-D Wing Geometry?
I am also looking for the geometry data of 3-D wings, epsecially with corresponding experimence and numerical results (for example LES) with laminar-turbulent transition.

Thanks in advance.

John C. Chien May 25, 1999 14:06

Re: Where to find 3-D Wing Geometry?
(1). I guess you can find it from Boeing, Airbus, NASA, ONERA something like that. Or you can mail-order some model aircraft plans from model shops. (2). Visit the local airshows, and take pictures of the aircraft wing. (3). Books on aircrafts sometimes have fairly detail schematics. (4). You can put together a 3-D wing by using 2-D wing sections.

Zhong Lei May 27, 1999 20:43

Re: Where to find 3-D Wing Geometry?
I have waited for the answer for a few days, it seems to me that the geometry is difficult to be found. I would like to give some information about this.

There are some geometries and experimental data in AGARD-138.

Does anyone know any more new results about this?

John C. Chien May 28, 1999 10:44

Re: Where to find 3-D Wing Geometry?
(1). Why would people spend several years and millions of dollars to build a wind tunnel, several thousands hours of wind tunnel testing time to obtain the test data, and then make the data available on Internet? (2). Maybe in some countries, people think that it is the government job to provide them everything including 3-D wing geometry and data.

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