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Changyong Chai July 31, 1998 11:07

reference books on combustion
hi,people,could you recommend some good reference books and technical papers on two-phase reacting flow, especially on liquid oil spray combustion, and turbulence modeling for combustion? thank you.

John C. Chien July 31, 1998 19:32

Re: reference books on combustion
There is a good textbook by Prof.K.K.K.Kuo "Principles of Combustion"1986,John Wiley & Sons,(Chapter 8. combustion in two-phase flow systems, which covers the spray combustion)

Khalid Oumejjoud August 1, 1998 11:40

Re: reference books on combustion
Hi, as Jhon said Kuo (principal of combustion) is one of the most interesting books.

Kuo K. K., " Priciples of combustion ", Wiely, New York, (1986)

A. H. Lefebvre, "Atomization and sprays" Hemisphere, New York,1989.

For papers there is :

G. M. Faeth, "Evaporation and Combustion of Sprays" Progress in combustion and science, Vol. 9, pp. 1-76, New York, 1983.

Abrazon B. and Sirignano W. A., " Droplet vaporization model for spray combustion calculatioins ", Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 32 :1605-1618, (1989)

Dukowick J. K., " A particle-fluid numerical model for liquid sprays ", J. Computational Physics, 35 : 229-253, (1981)

Gosman A. D. and Ioannides E. , " aspect of computer simulation of liquid -fueled combustors ", J energy, 7 : 482,490 (1983)

Hubbard G. L., Denny V. E. and Mills A. F., " Droplet vaporization : effect of transients and variable properties ", Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 18 : 1003-1008, (1975)

Renksizbulut M. and Yen M.C., " Numerical study of droplet evaporation in high - temperature stream " Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 105 :389-397 (1983)

Yen M. C. and Chen L. W. " On drag of evaporating liquid droplets ", Combustion science thecnology, 14 : 147 - 154, (1976)

If you require any further details, do not hesitate to contact me.

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