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yusun December 31, 2004 05:27

FLOTRAN: what is morphing?
Hello all,

I am intending to perform a fluid-structure interaction using the CFD-Flotran module of ANSYS 7.0. I want to see the variation of pressure coefficient as the building deflects.

the tutorial in the help documentation hardly suits for my setting. and i even found it difficult to understand it fully. so,

1. what does mesh morphing mean? says, after one iteration, the grids of the computational fluid domain should be morphed.

2. and i want to perform unsteady analysis. that is, the variation with time. note here, the variation of pressure coefficient as the building progresses deflecting.

3. any online tutorials or materials where i can have a look at

plzzz, any experienced tip how i can proceed......thank you in advance and it would be great of any input to my problem.

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