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Parag Shah May 25, 1999 00:17

k-epsilon model for stirred tanks
I am a student at the Indian Institute of Technology at Bombay. I am presently working on a project concerning the simulation of 3-D turbulence in stirred tanks. I need to find a k-epsilon model for any case , i.e., any example of stirred tanks which could have any type of impeller or vessel shape would do. Our group just needs the equations for any case. If any of you know about such a model could you please refer it to me; or if you are working on it could you please send me the model?

Thank you,


Mayank Tyagi May 25, 1999 09:44

Re: k-epsilon model for stirred tanks
Hi Parag,

A student from our CFD group at LSU is working on the turbulence modeling for stirred tanks. He has implemented k-e as well as k-w models for this case. his address is He may give you more information on this.

few other things: 1. Burmeister, L.C. 'Convective heat transfer' pg 354-355.

The author has shown 3-D simulation of turbulent flow in mixing tank using FLUENT.

I'll post the list of papers by our group later


Parag Shah May 26, 1999 00:55

Re: k-epsilon model for stirred tanks
Hello Mayank,

Thanks for your response. It will be a great help to be able to get your group's papers on the topic. Actually, after I posted that message, we did find an article on 3-D turbulent flow in stirred tanks in the AIChE Journal by Kresta and Wood. It appeared in the March 1991 issue, Vol 37. It gave the theory for a particular model. The problem is that here at IIT Bombay we don't have FLUENT, so we are trying to use the finite element method for solving the k-e system.

We are just fresh out of our second year so it is a bit difficult for us to gather all the information on this topic in a short time. So any help you can give us will be welcome. I will be mailing your friend Jones also.

Looking forward for your reply,

Thanking you,

Parag Shah.

behruz June 22, 2013 15:24

Hi Parag Shah
I am behruz afra from iran. I am working on a project concerning the simulation of 3-D turbulent mixing tank with 6 impeller . Can u help me to model it influent.I want to model it unsteady.

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