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CFDtoy February 17, 2011 17:08

Scalar transport in Lid driven cavity
hi all,
I have a fundamental question/problem. Suppose I have a lid-driven cavity problem (cavity surrounded by 4 walls) and I initialize a scalar (phi) in the system and solve for the scalar (carried by fluid) - does the scalar value change and distribute itself as per velocity distribution or does it remain the same everywhere - no change?

Given that the initial value of the scalar is constant and no inlets/outlets, what will be the source of change for this scalar?



rugabug February 17, 2011 23:18

I could be wrong or just not understanding your question but I believe all values are relative to the initial phi that you define.

Jonas Holdeman February 19, 2011 10:43

The scalar will be redistributed via transport (mixing) and diffusion. You need a mass transport equation to model diffusion.

Remember that (neglecting diffusion) for low speed Stokes flow. the system can be "unmixed" by reversing the flow.

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