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pds24 February 18, 2011 11:57

2D modelling of flow past a rotating cylinder

I am trying to model flow past a cylinder, initially in 2D, in Fluent. I am trying to plot the lift and drag coefficients against dimensionless time (tU/R) however I have so far only been able to plot agains time or flow time so far. Could anyone help me with this?
Also, I have been using an unsteady k-e model so far, but haven't been able to obtain vortex shedding (at Re=200) which was seen by Mittal and Kumar (2003). Does anyone have any suggestions or tips I might implement?


Oula August 21, 2015 10:50

Hi Phill

I am also trying to model a flow passing a rotating cylinder , 2D, in Fluent. I need just to detect the effect of rotation on Von Karman street. I changed the wall boundary condition and I got nothing. Could you please give some tips and advices to achieve this.



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