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jack8561 February 23, 2011 15:00

How to join domains in Gridgen?

I am working on a 2D mesh in Gridgen. I have 6 domains. Could I join all domains together as one domain? Please help me. Thank you so much!

cnsidero February 24, 2011 17:52

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Since those are structured domains, the answer is no. Remember a structured mesh needs a contiguous IJ (K for 3D) mapping. There would be no way to do that with your mesh as is.

If you're using this mesh with an unstructured solver, then it's not necessary to join them. You would simply apply the same volume condition to all 6 domains and the solver would then see it as one mesh.

If you're using this mesh with a structured solver and your solver either doesn't support multi-blocks or you just want reduce the number of domains you need to use a different strategy. Your topology strategy is currently a series of H topology. To be able to use a single mesh for this geometry you would need to switch to a C topology, whereby the mesh would share a connector in the wake. I've attached an image of an example I put together demonstrating what I mean.

It will require a little more work to get it looking nice but once you find the right dimensions and spacings along with a little elliptic smoothing it should be doable. It also might work better if you don't have to use a rectangular farfield box (use a C shape farfield).

Enjoy, Chris

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