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Lilly March 1, 2011 06:20

bifurcation/block structured hexahedral mesh
Hello everybody,
I want to generate a block structured hexahedral mesh for a vessel geometry with several bifurcations. I need a block structured mesh, because I want to create a really fine mesh close to the vessel wall (I have seen this is really necessary in my case and I got strange results using a tetrahedral or simple hexahedral mesh). At the moment I am trying to work with vmtk, because I have seen there are some tools to split a bifurcation into branches and I planned to create a hexahedral mesh via Cooper scheme with Gambit for each of the branches, but I donít know what to do about the center of the bifurcation and how to merge the branches again. Does anybody have experience with these things? Is there another possibility (another software(freeware)) to create such a mesh? It would be really nice, if one of you could help me!
Thanks a million,

desi March 23, 2011 10:02

I have solved the problem using pyFormex ( It is open source, but at the moment the meshing code is not included yet. However, for 1 single bifurcation you can have a look at
If you need mode bifurcations, or aneurysms or trifurcations etc...then write me at and I will try to help you.

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