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arphy March 6, 2011 13:08

Why you call it pressure head
Dear All,

I am just wondering when and why the word "pressure head" was created.
It seems to be found only in English speaking country.

I could imagine that, at a time when engineer/scientist measure the pressure using Pitot tube with mercury or something like that, we would say the pressure is x meter, or more specifically, x meter of Hg. The top of this mercury would call head.

However, I did not find the word pressure head in other language.

My question is thus what is the logic behind to use the word "head"
and why other countries did not use this term? It would be also nice if you could tell me what is the equivalent term in other languages ?
France, Italian and German also Latin are highly desired since the fluid mechanics, as we know, were developed in these countries.

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