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Enrico May 26, 1999 13:32

Gasoline spray modelling
I am a new CFD engineer and I'm actually working on internal combustion engines; I'd like to have informations about gasoline spray modelling with CFD for a simulation of indirect and direct gasoline injection in internal combustion engines. I'll accept all informations (SAE paper reference numbers, books, web sites, and so on) about this problems.

Thanks in advance. Enrico

cfd May 26, 1999 15:18

Re: Gasoline spray modelling
you should read some book about CFD first.

Jim Park May 26, 1999 15:38

Re: Gasoline spray modelling
Take a look at

They've done a lot of modeling for Diesel fuel sprays. The ideas should be useful if not the details.

Good Luck.

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