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Frank Muldoon July 31, 1998 18:37

HPF and cray T3E
I am currently working on a DNS simulation. I have recently begun using HPF on a cray T3E. Has anyone had any experience using high performance fortran on a cray T3E?

Enrico Nobile August 4, 1998 05:41

Re: HPF and cray T3E
We are now porting some CRAFT codes, developed on the T3D ( to a T3E, using HPF-CRAFT. The codes are essentially devoted to time-dependent and DNS of buoyant flows. However, up to now, our results in terms of speed-up, scalability etc., are below our *reasonable expectations*. This might be due to the PGHPF compiler we have on our machine, which is still under development. For this reason, we are also working on some *hybrid* solutions, i.e. HPF+shmem (not portable) and/or HPF+MPI (portable) for the Poisson solver, which constitutes the most time-consuming part of the code. Is someone out there with similar experiences ?

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