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s567d March 15, 2011 07:36

Discrete phase model -FLUENT
I am solving for following:
Turbulent flow;Droplet evaporation;heat and mass transfer;two way interaction; coaxial fuel and air flow; known air velocity and fuel mass flow rate.
I have following Queries:
1) How can I model for a fuel which is not in the list of fluent (say, Iso-propyl alcohol [IPA])? If the fix is not regular.
2) I want to use UDF for heat and mass transfer. Can any one tell where to add udf. No option is available on my software or am I doing wrong?
3) Can I know the droplet phase velocity, diameter, temperature, etc., other than droplet trajectory. Also, droplet extinction time or evaporation rate. Then, How? I not able to get any DPM info other than droplet trajectory. Also the message from fluent was that Heat and mass transfer is incomplete.

Can any one please help me out?

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