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jbartels March 16, 2011 10:28

Dam and Hydropower Hydraulics Model Guidelines
I was hoping to get some input/ideas from everyone regarding the establishment of a standard set of guidelines for models of hydropower-related projects such as dams, spillways, intakes, outlet works, energy dissipators, etc within CFD. Typically, when it comes to either CFD or physical modeling, I will refer to past model study reports, journal papers and other CFD models of similar nature to build upon but I'd like to try and develop a set of guidelines that standardize the basic setup for these types of studies. Does anyone have any suggestions about what should be standardized or know of any published documents that contain this sort of information? Thanks in advance!

jbartels March 30, 2011 14:28

It's been a few weeks since I originally posted on this and I noticed several of you have at least taken a look at this. I was hoping to get some outside input on what we could/should standardize when approaching these types of projects. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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