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aamer March 21, 2011 04:51

Defining dynamic zones for Define CG motion
Hello All...

i am using define CG motion macro in dynamic mesh for rigid body sweeping motion of wing in 3D. The grid is O type in 2D and a cylinderical type in 3D. The domain is 15c in the front and back and 5c on the side. Sweeping motion is 0 to pi radians about y axis. BC are as follows
1. Inlet . Velocity inlet (zero velocity given)
2. Outlet. Outflow
3. On +z. Symmetry (as half wing is drawn)
4. On -z . Outflow
5. Default interior. interior
6. Fluid Air (note that the air is still in my case)

presently i am using wing and default interior as rigid body in the dynamic zones and not giving anything to other boundries... i am not getting right results

i want to know that do i have to define other boundary conditions as dynamic zones too ?if yes, then what they have to be defined as (for example stationary, rigid body etc)

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