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screech1987 March 31, 2011 18:59

Post Processing of Turbine blade cases
Ladies and Gents,

Currently I am looking to post process a batch of results utilising the same geometry and need to attain the a way of outputting the following, for which I have both Star CCM+ and Tecplot at my disposal:

1) boundary layer thickness (\delta), Momentum thickness (\theta) and shape factor (H).
Essentially this as far as i can see requires me to know the boundary layer thickness, and the rest can be interpolated from the corresponding location for other parameters. I have an approximation for \delta being roughly equal to 1.936ymax (the ymax being essentially a velocity gradiant based on wall distance).
Wall distance, velocity are all outputable from Star but I am at a loss how to script Tecplot (or Star) to search for the boundary layer edge.

2) Plots of coeffcients (CP,Cf etc) over a blade relative to the displacement along the blade surface. Star outputs coefficients easily these but relative to axial co-ordinates,rather than displacement over the skin/wall surface. So I guessed this was a job for Tecplot.

Hope the above makes some sense, and welcome any ideas. even if it just provides food for thought.

Also I apologise for not putting this in the CD-Adapco folder, as this involved Tecplot so was not sure.

Thanks for any help in advance,


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