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NPU_conanxie April 6, 2011 21:30

Tf is averaged by static or total temperature ??
Hi, how are you? I have a question for your help.

Assume compressible idea-gas coolant flows into a heated channel like turbine blade internal channel. BC: walls are given constant heat flux, inlet is given mass flow and total temperature, outlet is given pressure. Now I want to obtain the wall heat transfer coefficient, h=q/(Tw-Tf). where Tw is wall temperature and Tf is the bulk temperature.

Generally the bulk temperature,Tf, is simply averaged by inlet and outlet temperature. Now, I just want to know, do the inlet and outlet temperature be referred to total temperature or static temperature?:(:confused: Or, Tf is averaged by inlet static temperature and outlet total temperature ?

Wall temperature,Tw refer to static temperature? If I choose static, the some of Tw are lower than the Tf.

Please help me charify the problems. Thank you. :)

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