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HaKu April 7, 2011 11:18

what is the difference between these two schemes

I have a question:

Two people are solving the navier stokes equations for incompressible flows.... Both are using the same schemes for convective and diffusion terms.

The things that are different are one is applying second order low dissipation low dispertion RK scheme for time integration and the
other person is using third order RK TVD scheme....

Another difference is their use of Poisson solver....

So what do u think that which scheme will behave better?? (in term of less grid points , convergence, etc) or the time integration plays no part in the grid size???

secondly poisson solver plays any part in the grid size or not? i think for sure it effects the time of convergence but whther we can say that by using this poisson solver i can do the numerical simulation using less grid points than the other scheme??

thanks and regards

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