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siddhaling April 8, 2011 02:56

Elliptical grid
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Hey guys

I have generated the following grid using O-Type mapping can any one let me know how to improve this grid further since i have to use it to carry out some calculations.As in numerical techniques we have results either 100% correct else 0% Correct.

jchawner April 9, 2011 17:01

Hi siddhaling,

I'm going to assume that you're computing something like a subsonic airflow over the two cylinders. Because if you're doing an FEA simulation of a plate with two holes in it this grid might be OK.

The basic issue here is one of mesh resolution and the fact that there isn't enough. To better resolve the flow around the circles you need to cells down near the surface. And you need more points, a lot more points, overall.

There might also be an issue with mesh resolution between the cylinders, but it's secondary relative to the issues cited above.

I hope you find this helpful.

Best Regards

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